Connecting and Enabling Talents is our Core Mission. Our Program transforms
Graduates into Smart Job Ready Resources.
CoConnect will collaborate with Colleges & Companies fulfilling hiring and development needs.

About CoConnect

CoConnect endeavors to bridge the gap of Job Ready Talent Pool and Tourism Industry demands. Being one of the pioneers in simulation based training methodology; we strive to develop and offer “Job Ready Resources” to meet the ever growing demands of Travel Industry in India.

Our state of the art assessment technology, networking with the colleges, training in a Real Time Job Environment and connecting the developed talent pool with the corporate world would not only bridge the growing manpower needs of the travel industry but also promise a kick start of careers of the fresh graduates.

Realizing the current global scenario and the dire need of “Corporate Competence”, where learning must derive efficiency and ability, we at CoConnect cater a platform for alumnae interested in the field of Travel and Tourism to become Job Competitive. With time, tourism has evolved as one of the most fascinating and progressive industries in the world. Often, there’s a perceptible gap in the skill sets obligatory for the Travel industry and that acquired by ‘just graduates’. By tailoring this gap via conducting a host of industry specific programs and offering a real time job environment in our training module, CoConnect associates provide assets in terms of Job Ready Resources to the corporate world.

CoConnect, being the first of its kind is a unique platform engaged in developing trained, employable human resources to meet the demands of the travel industry by offering a unique simulation-based training program in a job-like, real life environment. As a part of this program, CoConnect will network with universities, travel & tourism institutes and other colleges spread across the country to assess and identify plausible graduates. Apart from connecting one of the largest student base available across the country, our key initiative will be to offer a grueling training program in a Real Time Live Environment and deliver such Job Ready Resources to the industry. Our training program will offer great opportunities to build careers, improve employability, and work with some of the best names in the travel industry.

We believe, “Globally competitive youth” make a better world and hence our prime focus is to gear them up not just for a better tomorrow but, for a 21st century career!

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