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Frequently Asked Questions
For Students

  • What are the various programs offered by CoConnect?Open or Close

    CoConnect offers both online & offline programs focused on skill development through practical learning. The programs offered are:

    1. SmartED – Instructor led online learning programs for Graduates and Under Graduates. Can be attended online or through partner colleges.
    2. SmartPRO – Instructor led online learning program for mid-career travel industry professionals to hone their skills and accelerate career growth. Offers flexi learning hours to best suit your work timings.
    3. SmartPRO+ - A rigorous offline instructor led program focused on developing hard core industry specific skills. Also assures job placements in leading companies. 3 months, 300 hours of rigorous learning.

  • How is your programs different compared to other Travel Diplomas?Open or Close

    Programs offered by CoConnect target skill development. Our approach is practical learning and not academic as offered by various Travel Diplomas. We learn through virtual practical exercises which are real time adaptations from the corporate job desks.

  • What is the course content?Open or Close

    Our course content is crisp, practical in approach and enriched with up-to-date technology that offers the best learning experience. The programs are developed and delivered by the leading travel industry experts having collective professional experience of more than 35 years.

  • What is the learning methodology?Open or Close

    CoConnect programs emphasise on practical knowledge as per Industry requirements and the students are groomed keeping Industry perspective in mind. We focus on developing Smart Job Ready Professionals.

  • What is the course duration?Open or Close

    The courses for beginners (Under Graduates & Graduates) vary from 6 months to 2 years. We also offer short modules for mid-career skill enhancement. These programs are meant for working professionals and each module ranges from 1-3 days.

    SmartPRO+ which is focused on developing 100% Job Ready Resources and is a hard core Simulation Based Offline Learning Module is of 3 months duration.

  • How can I choose the most relevant program?Open or Close

    Unlike academic courses and diplomas, our courses are focused in developing professional skills. Though these programs are open for anyone willing to develop a career in the travel industry, we broadly classify them in three categories:

    • 1. SmartED – Suitable for beginners and students.
    • 2. SmartPRO – Suitable for working professionals.
    • 3. SmartPRO+ - Suitable for Graduates and Under Graduates pursuing their final year. Starting Professionals can also join this program to hone their industry specific skills.
  • What is meant by Virtual Class Rooms?Open or Close

    A Virtual Classroom is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups. With audio-video communication along with other collaboration tolls, virtual classroom lets you interact with the instructors in real time.

  • Are these classes pre-recorded or streamed live?Open or Close

    The classes are streamed live directly from the Industry Experts in real time. There is a lot of online content already available on google and we believe that the recorded sessions don’t impact a similar way and hence focus only on instructor led programs.

  • What equipment do I need for attending SmartED classes?Open or Close

    It’s extremely simple and the most cost effective way to learn. You can log in through your personal PC, Laptop, Smart Phones or Tablets. You will require a good internet connection and a headphone. You can also connect your mobile head phones.

  • Can I access my classrooms on my Smart Phone or Tablet?Open or Close

    Yes, you can access virtual classrooms on your Smart Phone or Tablet.

  • How can I interact with the instructors?Open or Close

    It’s like a real classroom. The only difference is that your instructor is not physically present. Our virtual programs offer a lot of way to interact with the instructor. There is a live chat-room and a raise hand option on your screen to ask a question.

  • Can I interact with the other participants?Open or Close

    Yes! Our virtual classrooms have features like online chat room and other collaborative tools to interact with the other participants in your batch.

  • What do you mean by Partner Colleges?Open or Close

    Our SmartED programs can also be attended through our Partner Colleges near your home. To ensure that our programs reach out to everyone, we are partnering with a lot of colleges to host sessions in their campuses.

  • What is the minimum qualification needed for enrolment?Open or Close

    There is a mix of programs offered ranging from entry level to mid-career professionals. Check Our Program page for more details on this.

    You should be a 10+2, under graduate or a graduate for our SmartED Programs

    SmartPRO is meant mainly for Industry Professionals though the students can also enrol to enhance a specific skill

    SmartPRO+ is meant for Graduates & Post Graduates

  • I have already completed a Travel Diploma. How can I get benefited?Open or Close

    You can enrol for SmartPRO program to enhance and expand your job skills and fast-track your career growth. Our programs focus on practical learning to develop skills needed for jobs in the travel industry. Our approach is 100% practical and not academic.

  • I have done a Master’s Degree in Travel Management. Can I also get benefitted with your programs?Open or Close

    Yes, you can!

    Check Our Program section of our website to know more details.

  • I have just joined a Travel Company. Can I still get benefited with your programs?Open or Close

    Yes, SmartPRO offers extensive and in-depth knowledge dimensions which are normally not available in the in-house corporate training programs. An Advanced Learning Program, offering in-depth solutions, suitable for the Entry Level Working Professionals willing to enhance and expand their job skills and fast-track their career growth. The program can be conducted at the convenience of working professionals. Opt for evening sessions or the extended classes over the weekends. What more to expect as we also offer a FREE of cost 2nd refresher to add to your learning experience.

  • I am a working professional. Do you have any option of weekend classes?Open or Close

    The programs can be conducted at the convenience of working professionals. You can opt for evening sessions or the extended classes over the weekends.

  • How will these programs help in job placements?Open or Close

    The programs prepare you to be ready to take the challenges of the job. This reduces your on-the-job learning curve and increases productivity. You are ready to be employed at the completion of your program.

  • Do you provide any job placement assistance?Open or Close

    SmartPRO+ is the most advanced and Intensive Program offering 100% Job Assurance. We provide Job Assistance for our other programs.

  • Are you affiliated with any University?Open or Close

    CoConnect offers skill development programs. We don’t offer any academic courses or Diplomas requiring any affiliations with a university. We offer Certified Professional Programs which are recognised by the companies.

  • What does Industry Experts mean?Open or Close

    Industry Experts are Travel Professionals who have worked in the Industry for nearly 10-15 years and have deep insight about the industry requirements.

  • For Colleges/Universities/Institutes

  • What services do you offer to colleges, universities and institutes?Open or Close

    CoConnect offers various collaboration opportunities with colleges starting from developing their industry interface to developing and delivering Industry Ready Resources.

  • How do you add value to develop industry interface?Open or Close

    Connecting Colleges with Companies is one of our core missions. Why should a college student located in a small town miss the opportunity of applying for a job. Our endeavour is to connect them through a technology platform and open more career options.

  • Do we have to pay anything to register our students’ profile?Open or Close

    The registration is absolutely free of cost. We provide a Unique Login ID to every college and the admin user can upload the student profiles following a simple process. It is absolutely easy and simple.

  • What collaboration opportunities are possible?Open or Close

    We offer a host of collaboration opportunities to colleges.

    Our Industry Interface Solution helps connecting the student base with the corporate world. It is like a virtual corporate-college interface opening possibilities of campus placements.

    Our recent SmartED initiative brings in a huge opportunity to develop industry specific skills for students to make them Job Ready. These programs are conducted through Virtual Class rooms. We partner with colleges to offer these programs to a vast student base in their cities. These programs are focused on developing skills and complement the existing academic curriculum offered by the colleges.

  • How can our students get benefited with your programs?Open or Close

    Our programs are focused on skill development through a practical learning approach much needed by the corporate world today. Students can enrol these programs while pursuing their regular studies as well.

  • How can our students attend your programs?Open or Close

    It’s very easy. Students can attend our programs online through a virtual classroom or through our partner colleges in their hometown.

  • Can you customise your programs according to our needs?Open or Close

    Yes, we can customise & develop programs as per your specific needs.

  • Would you assure jobs after the course completion?Open or Close

    We connect talents with the companies. There is a huge demand for developed job ready resources in the industry today and our programs are aptly suitable to get these jobs. We provide job assistance to our student base and 100% Job Guarantee in our SmartPRO+ programs.

  • Can our students upload their profiles on their own?Open or Close

    Colleges can upload the student profiles.

  • For Corporates

  • What all does CoConnect offer to companies?Open or Close

    Well, we have lots to offer to companies. Coconnect enables graduates to become 100% job ready and match the skill sets required by reputed travel companies. We also work jointly and collaborate with companies to provide job-oriented training led by our industry experts to fresh graduates and transform them to well trained professionals.

  • How are you different from Manpower recruitment companies/agencies?Open or Close

    We are not a manpower consultancy and do not just pick up people from the industry profusely. Candidates hired through industry and job consultants cost 50-70% more than our Job Ready Professionals whereas CoConnectians are much smarter and knowledgeable in comparison.

    We are extremely cost-effective and save time, efforts and money for companies. We understand their needs precisely and impart real-time practical training to fresh graduates so that they become 100% job ready resources.

  • How do I judge that a Coconnect student is actually a Job Ready Resource?Open or Close

    Your HR consultant can evaluate students on the basis of their hiring parameters. Only when they are 100% satisfied, they can recruit.

  • What are the cost benefits of hiring Job Ready Resources vs. hiring directly?Open or Close

    The core objective of Coconnect is to develop graduates into Job Ready Professionals. They are inducted through a virtual job like environment in a hi-tech training center. Every CoConnectian is exposed to 300 hours of rigorous training. These job ready professionals match or exceed the skills of a 1-2 years experienced professional whereas their annual cost is 50% economical.

    The companies also save hugely on talent acquisition and development cost as our CoConnectians can take over the rigors of corporate life from Day 01 of their joining without any further development.

  • How do you differ from Job Portals?Open or Close

    Job portals only provide you an online database to communicate. This database is used by hundreds of travel companies. They eventually end up contacting the same candidates which results into over-pricing. Most of the travel companies have already churned this database and don’t find it the most effective way of hiring now.

    The core objective of Coconnect is to develop graduates into Job Ready Professionals. They are inducted through a virtual job like environment in a hi-tech training center. Every CoConnectian is exposed to 300 hours of rigorous training. These job ready professionals match or exceed the skills of a 1-2 years experienced professional whereas their annual cost is 50% economical.

    Your HR consultant can evaluate students on the basis of their hiring parameters. Only when they are 100% satisfied, they can recruit.

    You can also let us know your specific requirements in advance and we can tailor make our training module to deliver 100% suitable candidates.

  • I am an employer, looking to hire fresh graduates. How can you help?Open or Close

    We bring colleges and companies closer. With the introduction of our new online module, you will be able to access fresh talent pool from across the country on the click of a button. Our endeavor is to virtually bring colleges and companies face to face.

  • Can you help to develop if we hire the fresh graduates directly?Open or Close

    Yes. We will collaborate with companies to customize our training modules suiting their requirements.

  • Are all the profiles uploaded on your website of Job Ready Resources?Open or Close

    Profiles uploaded by colleges may not be 100% job ready.

  • How is your student data authenticated?Open or Close

    Once colleges’ authorities who have joined our program, share student data with us, we carry out an in-house assessment to filter out the most suitable profiles to be shared with companies online.

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