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Closing the Skills Gap: CoConnect and colleges can collaborate for change. Colleges and universities think they are adequately equipped for preparing students and turning them into skilled workforce. Whereas finding the best person to fill any particular open position in a travel company is always a challenge. Through our campus collaboration program, we'll be partnering with certain colleges and universities to give students more opportunities to learn about the industry and to develop their skills.

Increased efforts to ensure student success at your college will serve as a catalyst for developing a pipeline of students to your campus. What’s going to come out of our collaboration with colleges is a perfect amalgamation of highly motivated and talented job ready professionals who have firsthand industry experience. We work with the business leaders in various regions to identify their needs and get local universities/campuses to align education with those needs.

Our collaboration executives will be happy to discuss the entire procedure in person and guide you step by step. Give us an opportunity to present!!

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