Connecting and Enabling Talents is our Core Mission. Our Program transforms
Graduates into Smart Job Ready Resources.
CoConnect will collaborate with Colleges & Companies fulfilling hiring and development needs.

Our Objective

CoConnect endeavors to bridge the gap of Talent Pool & Tourism Industry demands. Being one of the pioneers, we strive to offer Job Ready Resources to meet the growing demands of Travel Industry in India by offering a unique simulation based training program in a job like real life environment. We at CoConnect endeavor delivering trained professionals to the companies who can take over the job immediately after induction.

With the increasing globalization, disposable incomes, greater accessibility, awareness and opening of the Indian economy to the world; travel and tourism is receiving a great impetus and witnessing a boom. This coupled with the growth of tourism globally, forecasts a paradigm shift in the Indian Travel Industry. Burgeoning business of online travel companies and rapid expansion of offline retail is driving huge career opportunities every year. The headhunters in these companies have a daunting task not only meeting the ever growing talent requirements but also tame the increasing acquisition & development costs. Their task is further challenged by a high employee turnover ratio due to expectation mismatch and on job delivery of fresh college hires.

Listings on the online job portals are on a high record. However these traditional methods and milking the same talent pool leave the HR professionals clueless to meet this ever growing demand. On the contrary, campuses continue struggling low hiring turnout as the head hunters rely more on the Job Ready Resources.

Our objective is to ensure that each Tourism Professional gets an opportunity to build a great career in this field and faces the rigors of the service industry with utmost confidence. CoConnect leverages a holistic development approach. We focus on a unique learning model which ensures that you do everything beyond the book and experience them practically in a virtual job environment. CoConnect development techniques are a blend of instructor-led and technology-based learning – it’s like a corporate job desk coming live in our training room.

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