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Being the bridge between classroom and corporate careers, that’s what we at CoConnect aim at. We are focusing on enabling fresh graduates with industry specific knowledge and skills through high impact simulation based intense training program in a virtual job environment and then connecting the job ready resources with companies.

CoConnectians will take the challenges of this industry right from day one of their joining the companies without requiring any further development and trainings. 100% industry ready resources – that’s our PROMISE!!

Content Philosophy of CoConnect Program

The needs of the travel industry have evolved over the past decade. Now, the organization expects you to know the intricacies of the business. Although, a lot of students pursue internships but they seldom use that experience. With us, you get an edge to make a successful start to a bright career.

Our program content is comprehensive, relevant and practical. The content and the program have been meticulously designed by professionals. It is combined with up-to-date technology and therefore is a great support for the finest learning experience.

CoConnect's content philosophy focuses on industry alignment and productivity enhancements by reducing learning curves and development of behaviors.

  • Industry alignment – CoConnect program targets careers in specific sectors. Business intelligence and industry expertise are part of the development of our program.
  • Productivity enhancements by reducing the learning curve – The programs are designed to create a rigorous learning environment. We look at real-life tourism industry scenarios. The programs prepare you to be ready to take the challenges of the job. This reduces your on-the-job learning curve. It also increases productivity. You are ready to be employed at the completion of your program.
  • Behavior development – CoConnect program emphasizes on behavioral training. The content is designed to hone soft skills that align to industry standards.

We understand that prepared students are prepared employees. Thus, we ensure that at the end of the program you are ready for induction and need minimum on –job training.

CoConnect encompasses a holistic development approach. We focus on a unique learning model which ensures that you do everything beyond the book and experience them practically in a virtual job environment. CoConnect development techniques are a blend of instructor led and technology based learning – it’s like a corporate job desk coming live in our training room.

Our programs are developed and delivered by the leading industry experts having combined experience of more than 30 years in various business domains. It is the best blend of conceptual and practical learning. CoConnect aims at first of its kind, best-in-class practical training and development in a non-traditional, technology-based job like environment.

Our SMART Programs:

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For Graduates & Post Graduates

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